Make the World Future-Ready For Our Children

Is there someone trying to have a “parenting” resolution? Most probably no. When it comes to new year resolutions, perhaps parenting is a bit lower on the priorities scale. Well, give it a try – some parenting resolves to be taken in the first month of the year and the rest of the twelve too!

World news has been splattered with pollution scares and environment degeneration. A large number of people, including kids, suffer from lung ailments because of the noxious air quality. It is not much of a world we are leaving for our kids. After we have mucked up the environment to the hilt, it’s our children and the future generations that will bear the brunt.

Let us all resolve to make the world a better place to live in for the sake of our children. No point wringing our hands and saying “what can we do?” helplessly. There is a lot each person can do.

Reduce traffic

Whenever I look out at the road, I see big cars with only one person in it. Such a colossal waste. Do not drive a huge petrol guzzler to work. Collaborate with a few colleagues and set up a car pool. It is a tad difficult but not impossible. Find a few likeminded people and give it a try. It will go a long way in make the air a bit less murky along with saving the dwindling fuel reserves.

Get off your high ego horse and try public transport. Better still walk or ride a bicycle if possible. This will also work wonders for your waistline.

Do not waste pape

With the amount of paper we waste, soon the world will be completely devoid of trees. So before you take that unnecessary print out, or throw away paper recklessly, think. There is a lot you can do to save paper. Use both sides of printing paper. Use one sided sheets for rough work. Avoid sending paper greeting cards.

Get your own bag

This is probably the biggest environmental menace – the plastic bag. This innocuous non bio-degradable thing adds up to the world’s misery. Do away with it. Carry your own bag when you go grocery shopping. Turn old denim skirts into handy and cute carry bags. Reuse old plastic bags.

Conserve resources

Consider this world’s resources to be coming from a bank. The more you use them, the less you leave for the children. Be it water, minerals, land or electricity. Use them consciously. Avoid spraying water as if there was no tomorrow. Water used to wash up the vegetables and lentils can be used for watering the plants. Turn off the running tap and kindly fix leaking faucets.

As the adage goes – waste not want not. Switch off electric appliances when you have finished using them. Make it a habit to turn off the fan and light when you leave a room. Use natural light to the hilt. Do not over heat or over cool the rooms.

It is important that you inculcate theses habits in our kids. The best way to do that is to lead by example. If you keep wasting resources, it’s really thick to lecture the children about saving them.

Make these small adjustments in your life; the kids will follow your lead. They in turn will convince their friends and acquaintances to conserve. So the chain will grow.

One day I was riding to my daughter’s school in her school-taxi. One six-year-old took out a pack of chips from his bag. After he and his friends had finished their snack, the kid promptly folded the empty bag and tucked it in his bag. I was so pleasantly surprised. Here I was cringing my eyes, thinking he will just fling it out of the window. I immediately patted the child on his back and appreciated his act. What he told me surprised me even further.

Apparently Darling Daughter would endlessly harangue any such litterer. Throwing waste paper out was an absolutely no no. Needless to say my heart swelled with maternal pride.